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Members of the Swiss Club Edinburgh are sad to announce the passing of Founder member; Nelly Robson

Nelly was born and brought up in the little village of Stein Appenzell in March 1921. A the age of 18. she and her friend Ida had come to Scotland in order to learn English, while working as a mothers help for a year. However fate had other ideas. She was one of a number of Swiss, who were trapped in Britain when World War 2 was declared. As a foreign National she was faced with the choice of internment or joining the Land Army, She and her friend, served for the duration of the War on a farm near Dumfries. It was through one of the new scottish friends Cathy who later went onto become her sister-in-law, that she met her future husband Jim.

Although she intially went back home after war, Jim and her kept in touch. In 1948 Jim persuaded her to return and the couple got married. They had 2 sons, both married with families. Nelly was very proud of her Sons and her 4 Grandchildren as well as great-grandson,just recently two years old.

In 1960, Nelly, along with four other Swiss, responded to an advert in the Scotsman News paper, inviting Swiss Nationals in and around Edinburgh to meet up with the view of forming a Swiss Society. Thus the Swiss Club Edinburgh was founded in 1960. For many years Nelly was the Welfare person of the club. With her sunny smile and warm personality she was ideally suited to this position. Being very practical and down to earth, Nelly helped to divert many a minor crises among the Swiss Community.

Even though Nelly became frail in later life, to the point that she could not go out independently any more, she always remained positive and cheerful. Visitors could count on a very warm welcome. With the support of her family and home asistance, she was able to remain in her own home, close to her elder son and his family. While her younger son travelled from Fife every week to see her and help with any practical chores needing done.

Nelly will be missed by all who knew her.

Ursula Ross for the Swiss Club Edinburgh

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