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Make a difference by voting for the new delegates of the Council of the Swiss Abroad! The profiles and manifestos of all candidates are available in the March issue of the Swiss Review and online on the FOSSUK election website, see The call for votes is now open. Please send the voting slips to "The Federation of Swiss Societies in the UK (FOSSUK), 16–18 Montagu Place, London, W1H 2BQ". The deadline for voting slips to arrive is the 28th April 2017. The voting slips are available in the March issue of the Swiss Review or online on the FOSSUK website. Franz Muheim, member of the Swiss Club Edinburgh is standing for re-election for the CSA. His candidacy is supported by the Swiss Club Edinburgh. Please see his profile below and contact him directly, if you have any questions.

Place of Residence: Edinburgh

Languages Spoken: German, English, French

Profession: Professor of Particle Physics at Edinburgh University

Interests: Politics, science, traveling, hiking, bicycling, skiing, visiting family who live near St.Gallen, Switzerland

Member of: Swiss Club Edinburgh,, Facebook groups (Swiss in the UK, Auslandschweizer), FOSSUK Committee, OSA Delegate since 2012

Full Profile: I am a professor of Physics at Edinburgh University where I teach. My area of research is particle physics with a strong involvement on experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. I regularly travel to Switzerland.

I always had a strong interest in politics and actively follow the current affairs in the UK and in Switzerland. Since 2013 I am a member of the Council of the Swiss Abroad (CSA). I am also regular contributor on “” and the Facebook group “Swiss in the UK”.

As a CSA member I have been working to get Swiss politics to pay attention to the issues of the Swiss Abroad, e.g. by lobbying for E-Voting and ensuring that the Law of the Swiss Abroad, which recently came into effect, did not reduce the responsibilities of consulates and the FDFA to support the Swiss Abroad. I am passionate about the education of the young people. At the CSA I pointed out the importance of movement of students between European countries (Erasmus) and that the best research does not stop at borders. I am also chairing a CSA task force to find ways to improve the representation of the Swiss Abroad at the CSA. I regularly write articles in the Swiss Review and have been quoted and interviewed by Swiss media.

With FOSSUK I was an organizer of two of the forums in the last three years: “Further Education in the UK or in Switzerland?” and “Engagement of Youth Abroad in the Swiss Political Process”. These successful events attracted about 150 young Swiss living in the UK.

In these uncertain times, the role of the CSA will become even more important for the increasing number of Swiss Abroad. Using my experience and knowledge of politics in Switzerland and in the UK, I would very much like to continue to represent the 34,000 Swiss citizens living in the UK at the CSA.

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