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Christmas Party 


Minutes after the room was finished being decorated,  the first Swiss club members arrived at the Saughtonhall Comunity Center. We celebrated this year's Christmas Party with 25 adults and 5 children (of which one was only 8 months old). After a buffet, entirely home made, with mulled wine, Giffers-Tee, Zopf, Chaeschuechli,  biscuits, cake and so much more we had the joy to get a visit from Santa. The children were very very happy with his gifts. After he left, because he was quite busy that day, we continued with the "other" Santa, a game called "Secret Santa with a twist". We can only say "swapping gifts was allowed". The afternoon passed in a blink of an eye then it was already time to say goodbye. Everyone helped to clean up and tidy the room. Yet another year passed, Merry Christmas to everyone!



On Sunday 24th September, a dozen  members of the Swiss Club Edinburgh enjoyed a beautiful day of walking in the borders. The hike started in Eddleston at 10:30 am. Most participants walked up to and around scenic Loch Portmore, three of us went all the way up to top of  Dundreich, and a few went directly to the Barony Castle Hotel. After the hike we treated ourselves to a well deserved sunday roast at the hotel. The scenery, the weather, the company and the lunch was very much enjoyed by new and old members of the Club.



The Swiss Club Edinburgh celebrated its National Day on the 6th of August. The event took place at Saughtonhall Community Centre and was very well attended. While the weather did not let us sit outside this could not keep us from enjoying an afternoon of Swiss traditions. As customary we ate grilled sausages (cervelat and bratwurst) and people could sample salads and desserts contributed by members. We even had a cake decorated with self-made little Swiss flags. The event was a nice opportunity for old friends to catch up and there were also new people attending.


JUNE 2017

Our very interesting tour through Old Edinburgh took place today on the 10th of June. Victor, our tourguide, was full of knowledge, that he shared with us, a crowd of very attentive listeners. The short period of rain at the beginning just prevented us to become too jaunty. We know now, where the expression "blackmail" is coming from and why the Highland cows are red and not black. Interested in the answers? If yes, join us next time!


MAY 2017

A wonderful Sunday afternoon in beautiful Edinburgh at a tour through the Royal Botanic Garden, led by our member Mark Newman and attended by roughly 30 people. Thank you Mark for a wonderful and educational experience!


APRIL 2017

Every year in spring we organize a Fondue evening to bring some Swiss traditions to Edinburgh and to satisfy some cravings for “Swissness”, grown over the winter months in Scotland.

For the preparation we use of course original Swiss cheese, in original Swiss caquelons and Swiss cooks stirring it, just to make sure it will turn out right. With a glass or two of white wine and after having immersed pieces of tasteful bread into the melted cheese (and maybe some Kirsch), some of the participants could become very nostalgic and we might hear of a sudden traditional Swiss songs from our members, mixed with stories from the homeland; the right cure for homesickness! 

Franz Muheim: "A recipe which you cannot beat, get a room full of Swiss, melt cheese. Thanks to our ancestors who gifted us lactose tolerant genes. Of course white wine is a must - a good Viognier is an adequate replacement for Fendant - and there were even wee drams of Kirsch. It was an enjoyable evening, thanks to all who attended."



The Annual Dinner of the Swiss Club Edinburgh was held at Howie’s Restaurant in Edinburgh on 2nd February 2017. They have offered us a seasonal three course menu with ample selection. Choices included haggis, fresh catch of the day as well as vegetarian dishes and Howie’s famous banoffee pie for dessert. 


The Dinner was very well attended and people took the opportunity to have a great catch up with each other. We were very appreciative of the kind donation of the wine from our Honorary Consul towards the dinner. An evening with great chat and one to remember. 

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